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Commissioned as part of a video series for Canada's 150th, this short video is meant to be a meditative dreamy look back, 'through the mists of time' with reference to the fact that these lands and waters are older than 'Canada', and have shaped whoever has lived here. The audio for this video is by musician Benj Rowland, of the band the Mayhemingways.

LAND is a video made up of footage of the land and water at Paudash Lake and Hiawatha First Nation, layered with historic film clips (courtesy of the NFB) and photographs (Courtesy of the Museum and Archives and the Endeavor Centre) also including some family photographs, from the Canadian side of my family. The moon in the background is a witness to the passage of time. The video shows the land and water providing people with food and resources, alongside present day sustainable building practices.

It is my hope for the future that more sustainable, lower impact ways of living will become the norm. Canada is a country with so much fresh water and land, and we should preserve these precious resources as best we can, and respect those who understand and rely on them.

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